Competition Time …

To celebrate being back on board, Torchwood Australia is launching a multiple choice competition – just email your answers to the questions below to, to be in the running for a prize – there will be a 1st and 2nd prize for this comp, and comp is open to all worldwide…

Closing date for comp is 27 January 2021, 6pm local Qld time.

Have fun guys –

Multiple Choice Quiz below – how many can you answer correctly?

1.            Jemma Redgrave has this role in the 50th Anniversary Special –

                a. Kate Sterling

                b. Karen Spencer

                c. Kate Stewart

                d. Kelly Schwartz

2.            Georgia Moffett’s middle name is –

                a. Beth

                b. Elizabeth

                c. Jo Jo

                d. Georgina

3.            Colin Baker’s star sign is –

                a. Gemini

                b. Capricorn

                c. Leo

                d. Virgo

4.            How many children did William Hartnell have –

                a. 2 sons

                b. 1 daughter and 1 son

                c. no children

                d. 1 daughter

5.            One of the episodes “Donna Noble” appeared in was –

                a. Turn Right

                b. Turn Left

                c. Turn Around

                d. Turn It Up

6.            Bernard Cribbins was made an OBE in what year –

                a. 2000

                b. 2011

                c. 2005

                d. 1999

7.            FOUR Doctors appeared at which Australian Convention in April this year –

                a. TARDIS WHO Time

                b. Time Lords Inc

                c. WHO WHO and more WHO

                d. Lords of Time

8.            In 2063, Doctor Who will be celebrating its what anniversary –

                a. 90th

                b. 75th

                c. 100th

                d. 110th

9.            Patrick Troughton’s star sign was –

                a. Cancer

                b. Aquarius

                c. Pisces

                d. Aries

10.          Steven Moffat is –

                a. Irish

                b. English

                c. Welsh

                d. Scottish