Season 2 in Australia – finally!

Yes the big announcement has been made by TEN.

Season Two of Torchwood commences on TEN HD on Monday 1st Sept at 10.30pm, with ep 1 “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”.

As we are all aware, not everyone in Australia has access to HD unfortunately.  So it is just as well that the Season Two dvd release (region 4) is due out in early October.

As you can see below, we have previously posted our episode blurbs, and rating links, due to the season already having been aired in the UK.  So if you haven’t viewed Season Two before, once viewed, you can go across to the forum and rate the episode, and post your comments about the ep.

Anyways, good news on the Torchwood front and YAY for TEN.

Oh and btw, Torchwood Season 3 (which unfortunately is only going to be the 5 eps we’ve all heard about) is being filmed from today.  So lots of excitement over in Wales at present (wish I was there).

14 thoughts on “Season 2 in Australia – finally!

  1. This is kinda funny to me at the moment because I just recieved season two from the bbc shop today. ( Region 2 and 4 from the bbc shop btw…) I can’t believe it’s airing next week at a half resonable time. But at least I have a back up now!

  2. I’m gathering you are referring to BBC UK? As far as I know S2 dvds (boxed set) have been available from there since early July…..what I’m referring to in my comment above, is the AUST release of the dvds which is set for early October. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you pay for the boxed set including post? I noticed they are GBP 37 but of course post is on top of that.

    ABC Shops are selling Season 1 boxed set dvds for $110 which seems awfully steep – I’m sure that price has gone up….

    Overall, all this really does is highlight how slow TEN has been to air the 2nd season, and they only have themselves to blame if most people prefer to view it on dvd (at least that way you don’t have ads either). But there are people out there that only wish to watch it via free-to-air, so at least it is good for them.

  3. Yep I did mean BBC UK.

    It comes to around $92.00 all up ( including postage and handeling..) If you think about how much season one cost over here, thats not too bad. Beacuse it is including postage and handeling.

    I usually buy my dvds from JBhifi….season one was about $90.00 for ( as an intro price as well!!!, after that it went up to $102.00!!!) So its quite exspensive either way. I imagine season two will be around the same.

    defintally….ch 10 do have themselfs to blame. It took around 2 and a half weeks for Torchwood to come from the UK if you are interested.

  4. Season Two: I downloaded the whole seasion just after it was on in the UK. I dont know why you lot are so happy its on TV…. We all know Channel ten will stuff around with the times and days its on. The only way to watch it is by downloading it. (p2p) I have to say its a little to GAY this seasion. If only the BBC would take over making “The 4400”

  5. Lilydale, I think it is more just the sheer excitement of actually seeing it in Australia, on our own tv network. That’s what it is all about.

    Probably a lot of us on the site/forum have already “d” Season 2, but the point is, not everyone has access to do this, nor the “allowance” to do so either. So the airing of Season 2 is rather important to those folk as well.

    Channel Ten is off to a good start tonight with starting the ep on time, and short ad breaks, so we’ve got everything crossed that it keeps going that way.

  6. Just give “Time” they screw everything good up. PS U dont work for them DO U ? Oh PPS ? Its only on Ten HD. too bad for the others with out settop boxes.

  7. Lilydale, firstly let me say, I DO NOT work for TEN, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway. BUT, I’m doing my bit on the TEN forum to try to do something about the HD situation – I personally have a HD STB, but don’t believe it is fair that TW is only shown on HD.

    So, to get something like this changed, the more people that go on over to the TEN forum and complain, the better. The Burn Notice fans have PROVEN this to be true – they fought hard to get it put back on, and look at that, they actually won. So I’m getting my motivation from them – if one lot of fans can do it, why not others…..

    I think Torchie fans would be happy if –
    TW was shown on SD and HD
    It was shown regularly Mondays/10.30pm
    It was at least afforded a bit of advertising to motivate new viewers

    If that happened (other than me probably keeling over in shock), that would be the ideal as far as I’m concerned!

  8. I haven’t seen season 2 on Ten HD yet beacuse I have them already on DVD, but just as simple question now, When is it on Ten HD? Because I just check the online TV guide and it had nothing of Torchwood on it. And it shows that it isn’t on Mondays/10.30pm (said by admin). Someone please tell me when it is on.

  9. Hi Lepo,

    TW was pulled off by TEN for a couple of weeks, and that is why you wouldn’t have seen it in the guide (it happened for all sorts of reasons, etc etc).

    Anyways, according to the tv guide for next week, the next ep is showing on Monday 6th Oct, at 10.30pm, on HD, straight after Supernatural season premiere.


  10. I don’t have Ten HD which really sux. I really wanted to see “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.” with John Barrowman making out with James Masters. Cry T_T.

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