Exciting stuff for 2013….all to be revealed in good time!

We recently uploaded the following post on Twitter and Facebook – refer below:

We’ve got BIG plans for Torchwood Australia next year, particularly with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who approaching in Nov 2013.

So we suggest you stick close by, so you don’t miss out on anything….we will be working very hard to really shake things up – so you are going to WANT to be there for it.

That said, if you are currently ‘lurking’ as a guest only, now is probably the time to consider joining as an official member…

Announcements of our upcoming celebrations for the ENTIRE year will be gradually revealed in our lead up to the Christmas Season (and beyond). Yes EVERY week in 2013 will be a celebration week on TA….

And of course we have Christmas comps coming up as well shortly.

So, basically folks, you snooze, you lose….

Come along and join the ride; this is going to be pretty awesome! I kid you not!

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