Hey Kids! Did Ya Miss Me???

Yes Captain Jack Harkness would say that iconic line, just like our old Forum is saying…..



Yes our beloved Torchwood Australia Forum is back and she is live.

Please head back over to the Forum, and see what has been happening.

I’ve been reorganising, archiving, and condensing the old girl.

Please note in future this Forum is primarily all about Torchwood and Doctor Who, and very little outside of that. I wanted to bring the Forum back to its core purpose. So the only spin off of Doctor Who on the Forum is of course Torchwood.

If you want to discuss other things like Sarah Jane etc, please do so on the Facebook group. Let’s endeavour to keep the Forum neat and tidy.

Anyways, enjoy my friends…..and keep posting – otherwise we cannot justify the expense of keeping the Forum open.

(if you have any problems posting or viewing, please PM me or email me at ruthy@torchwoodaustralia.com)

Cheers, Ruthy.