WIN a fabulous prize, all to help make Dewi’s dreams come true……

Would you like to WIN a wonderful collectable SIGNED by the Barrowmans (lovely Hollow Earth tee, pictured at the bottom of this post)? Proceeds are going to Dewi’s Dreams…Check this out >>>

** To buy tickets, all you need to do is post a donation to Eve and Kai’s fundraising page here >>>

(donations can be made via paypal or credit card)

** In the comments section of the donation, please just put
#TorchiesUnite for TA Raffle
Please include your name and donation total as well – I can keep tracking of all ticket buyers that way

** Ticket prices are £1 each (minimum buy 2 tickets)
For every £10 of tickets you purchase, you will receive 2 extra bonus tickets in the raffle (that’s 12 tickets for the price of 10).

Raffle will be drawn on Monday 3 August – I usually do a video recording of this, so you can view the winner being drawn.

Please buy what you can, so we can contribute to Dewi getting his operation.

The tee looks black in the image but it is actually navy – adult size large.

Postage to all addresses worldwide is included.

Thank you so much friends!

Tee being raffled