Want to read a magnificent interview???

We are happy to announce that we’ve just uploaded a wonderful interview with Maxine Evans.

This is an exceptional read, and if you want to know much more about the lovely lady, head over to the link below.

(just a wee reminder that ONLY Torchwood Australia Registered Forum Members can access the exclusive interview section of the Forum)
We send a massively HUGE thank you to Maxine for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – your participation is totally appreciated! You’re a cockin’ brilliant woman! Thank you!

Photo provided by Maxine Evans

Anniversary and more…

Hey Everyone,

In relation to our 7th Anniversary, everything is up and ready for you to have a look at….

Competitions are all open now and you will find them all here –

There are four comps for you to have a go at.

Irish has prepped the writing challenge and I have uploaded it for her here…

And there is a nominated ep of the month for our anniversary too –

Please scroll to the most recent post by me, to find the current info re the ep of the month.

Hope you have some time over the next week or so, to join in and celebrate our 7th anniversary!

We are yet to upload our new TV/Movies section on the boards, but it will be coming soon….sorry for the delay.

We all had an amazing time with Team Barrowman at Supanova Sydney….we have loads to tell and fantastic pics to share also.

Hope to see you around the Forum at some stage.

Best, Ruthy.

Celebrations and more …

Hello friends,

Well our 7th anniversary is approaching fast, this Sunday in fact 🙂

Due to a number of us being in Sydney for Supanova next weekend, we are only STARTING our anniversary events from Monday 16 June, and they will be finishing on Sunday 22 June.

Included in our celebrations will be a number of competitions for you to participate in, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

So make sure you come online to the forum for the anniversary events.

We are also endeavouring to upload our changes to the forum in coming days, which are predominantly related to our new section for a variety of TV Shows/Movies, and we hope you will check those out once they go live.

If you see Caroline and I at Supanova Sydney, please come and say hi….obviously the main attraction for us is John Barrowman, but of course there are heaps of things on over the weekend, plus catching up with good friends as well.

See you all for anniversary week guys.