Can we help Liam fulfil his dream?

Hello to all our Whovian folks,

There is an amazing event being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth during early March, with guests announced being Matt Smith / Karen Gillan / Arthur Darvill.

As you can imagine this has sparked some excited chatter amongst Whovians wanting to go to this event, which is being promoted/hosted by The Hub Productions.

We’ve had a Facebook page brought to our attention, in relation to a young boy by the name of Liam.

Refer here for more info >>>

Now Liam would love to meet Matt Smith in person, when Matt attends the Hub Productions event in Melbourne. But the cost is rather considerable, for just Liam and say his Mum to go.

That said, by starting that page, his Mum was NOT asking for donations. She wanted to spread the word and try to somehow make this happen for her child.

Liam has had rather a rocky road in his short life, due to health issues, and “Doctor Who” has really been amazing medicine for this young lad; his Mother has shared just how much of an impact DW has had on Liam.

Her desire is that we all share the Facebook page with all and sundry, get the word spread all over, and see if we can make Liam’s dream a reality.

I know there are MANY deserving kids out there, but this story has really touched my heart, particularly since Liam has really come along in leaps and bounds due to DW.

Please endeavour to like Liam’s page and share with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you normally hang out for your social media tasks.

Also, if you are wanting more information about the event itself, please go to the Hub Productions website >>>

Cheers, Ruthy.

Happy New Year

Hello all our Torchwood and Whovian friends,

We wish you all a brilliant 2014!

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