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I sent out another update email to the TA Forum members, and thought I would share all the info here on our main page as well…

That said, please remember that certain links etc can only be viewed by TA Forum members.


Hello everyone,

Well I’ve made it safely back to Australia after an incredible two weeks in the UK, celebrating the DW 50th Anniversary.

I will at some stage soon (I hope) be uploading a report of the event plus oodles of photos….it was just so much fun and sharing it with so many fans from all over the world was awesome!

For your info –

The final DW 50th Anniv Comp has been uploaded and also prizes have been announced for it –

Check out that thread for the details. These last monthly comps close on Sunday, so be quick if you are wanting to enter.

If you wish to comment on our Ep/s of the month club, please check out this thread for the info –

I am yet to comment on recent choices, and have the last three eps chosen to comment on…I watched those whilst in the UK.

Irishangel set a wonderful writing challenge for November –

Perhaps our writers would like to take a look and post there before we get into the silly season.

At some stage next week, we will be starting our Christmas celebrations, that means events, things to do, and of course our Christmas comps and prizes….an email will be sent to you with details or a link to the relevant thread containing all the details for you.

I think once we hit Christmas, the moderation team will be taking a well deserved rest – it has been a hell of a year all round, including such a huge one for DW….

Thanks for joining us over this amazing year of DW and more!

Evil Ruthy!