Interview with The Expedition Movie Team

We are happy to announce that we have now uploaded a fabulous interview with two of the guys from The Expedition Movie.

We have made this a ‘public’ interview, so ALL members and guests can read this one.

Thank you so much to Ben Loyd-Holmes and Adam Spinks for joining us for this interview.

Check out the TA Forum to view the published interview.

Anyone wanting to support the project should head over to

There you will find an incredible list of perks that you can make your own – get involved, be a part of this amazing project!!!

Poster provided by The Expedition Movie Team

(In case you are wondering, the reason behind Torchwood Australia supporting this project? Well we have ALWAYS supported new projects that Torchwood Cast Members become involved in, and since Ben is a CoE Cast Member, of course we will happily support this project for him. Plus we really believe it is a great opportunity to get involved with something exciting and original.)