Ben Loyd-Holmes – A New Project …

We love to hear about new projects and exciting things that our Torchwood cast and crew get involved in.

Ben Loyd-Holmes (the Operative from Torchwood/Children of Earth) has a new project he is working on and he (and a few other lovely peeps) have a funding campaign launched for it – refer here >>>

You can support the project and become involved from as little as £5!

How about getting involved and following this movie’s journey?

Let’s help Team Barrowman…..

As a number of you would already know, John Barrowman has taken up ‘the cause’ on behalf of one of Oklahoma City’s tornado victims (well that should probably be TWO of actually).

He has established a fund to endeavour to assist this poor lady and her dog Bowser….

Perhaps you would like to help too – you can find the fund details on the link below >>>

It doesn’t matter how big or small your donation is, but if you can give something, I’m sure John will be very appreciative of your generosity.

Please assist if you can!

Our upcoming Anniversary and more…..

Hello to all our Members and Guests,

This month is our Anniversary celebration – 6 years since Torchwood Australia began….woo hoo!

You can find our Anniversary intro here >>>


We should be uploading an interview shortly too, with a well known Who/TW writer (eps, audio books, short stories) – if not in time for our Anniversary celebrations, should be shortly thereafter.

We are still celebrating all things Who, in this its 50th anniversary year, but our 6th Anniversary week will be very Torchwood focussed!

That all said, yes our Monthly Who comps are still running, and we have put up the June Comp thread here, with fantastic prizes yet again (something one off/hand made) >>>

Our monthly writing challenges are still chugging along nicely (and there will be an Anniversary challenge set as well), so have a look over on this board for more info >>>

We’re still running our Doctor Who “Eps of the Month” – please check that out and perhaps revisit some of your favourite episodes >>>

The biggest news of today is of course about Matt Smith’s resignation….more on this board >>>

So there you have it guys…..remember, to access our EXCLUSIVE competitions and cast/crew interviews, you need to be a registered member on the Forum, link below >>>

Once our Anniversary is out of the way, I will be heading to Sydney for Supanova (woo hoo) – of course the gorgeous Eve Myles and Kai Owen are visiting us for this Con (in Sydney AND Perth), so I am very much looking forward to seeing them again, meeting up with some old friends, and meeting some of my online friends who I am yet to meet face to face….should be brilliant.

All the best everyone – hope you can join us for our Anniversary week.