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Hello everyone,

Well this is a very belated update post – where has the year gone? We’re into mid April already – sheesh!

We are now into our 4th month of our Doctor Who Anniversary Comps – yes Forum members can enter these, 50 comps being uploaded over the course of the year, with fantastic monthly prize giveaways.

Our monthly writing challenges are buzzing along nicely too, and can be found on this board >>>

We’ve opened a new discussion thread for Doctor Who “Eps of the Month” – please check that out and perhaps revisit some of your favourite episodes >>>

Of course there is loads of discussion going on about the second half of the latest Who season, and you can participate on the Current Season board, and also vote in our episode polls >>>

I have listed below also, the most relevant links that you may wish to use –

And just a reminder to all our Forum Guests – please remember that whilst we are an Australian based Website and Forum, we welcome members from all worldwide locations – and yes registering as a Forum Member is totally free.

Your fearless leader is heading to Brisbane today, to attend the Lords of Time Convention tomorrow. Very excited as Doctors FIVE, SIX, SEVEN and EIGHT are attending, as well as John Leeson, Nicholas Briggs and Janet Fielding – should be a smashing day for all concerned.

All the best everyone – enjoy all that is happening in the world of Doctor Who and Torchwood.