Our new look :) and some updates for you….

Hi everyone,

Well as you can probably see, we’ve changed our main web page to a new look…..we’re in the blue moreso now than in the red 🙂

Also for those of you who are members on the Forum, you may wish to change to the forum default template (you can do this via your user panel, profile, options – templates choice is down the bottom of the page) – the forum default is the blue page, which matches our new look web page. You still have the option of blackred, which still ‘works’ ok with the new banner on the Forum, but the plain black really clashes with the new banner. So up to you what you choose for your viewing pleasure. Guests will see the forum default/blue page now when they are online.

We elected to have an MD image on the main web page, and a S2 TW image on the Forum, as a nod to the past TW as well as the more recent TW.

We felt it was time for a change, so we hope you like the new look.

General Updates –

New Who is well underway, and ABC in Australia are kindly allowing us to view the brand new eps via iView, as soon as they have aired in the UK. Please head over to the Current Season board on the Forum, in Whoniverse, for all episode discussions and polls.

For Forum Members – you should check out the competitions board for the Exodus Code Caption Game Comp – nice prizes for the winning caption. Only open now for another week.

Your fearless leader has been a bit MIA of late – I shall try to rectify that over the coming weeks and see what I can organise to ‘stir things up’ a bit on the Forum 🙂

Of course Christmas is not that far away (good Lord, how did that happen???) – so we will have Christmas comps coming up very soon.

Anyways, enjoy yourselves, and join in wherever you wish to.

All the best…