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To our Members and Guests,

We emailed the message below yesterday, to all our Members……Guests this may interest you and you may wish to register at so that you too can join in on some of our Christmas festivities……..

Hi members,

1. Competitions – we still have a number of comps open for our Christmas festivities. There is a new Find-a-Word posted for you to challenge yourself with, and the Trivia comp is still open also – get in quick before they close, to give yourself the opportunity to win some lovely prizes.

Comp board link –

Our caption game has now closed, so we would love as many members to come online and vote in the poll to decide on our winning caption.

Caption game link –

Don’t forget too that just by coming online during our December festivities, you will go into the draw for a prize.

2. Our charity auction remains open until the 23rd December. We would love to see lots of bids coming in for this, and know that a charity will be the recipient of a worthwhile donation….you get to feel good about donating to someone during the Christmas season, plus you get some awesome things for your trouble.

Charity auction link –

3. Interviews – in case you haven’t checked it out yet, here is the link to our interview with Gareth David-Lloyd

We are hoping to bring you some more awesome interviews very shortly, but are unsure if we can achieve this before Christmas – this time of year is very busy for everyone concerned.

4. Photos – Ruthy has uploaded some lovely pics of Gareth from her recent trip to the UK – if you haven’t seen them yet, here is the link –

She is hoping to also upload some of John Barrowman very soon.

5. Christmas Advent Round Robin – another Christmas event is our current Round Robin – if you haven’t checked out the sterling effort of our fanfic writers, check it out here….

I’m sure you’ll get a real kick out of reading it…..

As you can see, loads going on over at the TA Forum at present, so come and join in the Christmas fun.

Finally, we at Torchwood Australia want to wish you and your family a fantastic and safe Christmas, and our warmest wishes to you all for 2010.

Thanks for making our Forum such a fun place to hang out.


GDL Delivers The Tea … Boy!

Merry Early Christmas, Readers.

Here’s our gift to you!

Torchwood Australia is proud to present an interview with one of the “Big Three” in the recent ‘COE’ Torchwood-verse.

The slightly rumpled, but oh so charming Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays the dapper, diplomatic, irony quipping Mister Ianto Jones kindly gave us his time and answered our burning fannish questions.

Did he choose Ianto’s wardrobe?  How’d he get on with his co-stars?  Does he actually like tea or coffee?  And what does he think of the grassroots fan effort to ‘Save Ianto Jones’?

We asked the questions, Gareth delivered the answers … which is sort of how an interview goes, I suppose!

So don’t say Torchwood Australia doesn’t give you anything … besides a bit of lip, a real bad attitude and some awfully horrible fanfic … just kidding on the fanfic, it’s mildly okay! *g*

Oh and don’t forget to check out what GDL is up to next, including the latest with his band ‘Blue Gillespie‘.

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy, taken at The Hub Convention,
Hilton Metropole Birmingham/UK, 24.10.2009

Many thanks to GDL Live for letting Ianto (and GDL) escape his coffee and tea making duties so he could answer our questions.

And as always, Exclusive Interviews are ONLY available to Torchwood Australia Forum Members.  Become one today.  We’ve also got crazy cool Christmas Comps going on all through December, with unique one-of-a-kind prizes!

Don’t miss out!