TA Forum Christmas News

Christmas time is nearly here, let’s all get some Christmas Cheer!

What better way to celebrate than in traditional Torchwood Australia style?

TA Forum

Join up to the Forum and experience a Torchwood Christmas fun-tacular feast the likes you’ve never seen … member only competitions include Christmas Trivia, Find-A-Words and an often crazy Caption Game.

And to make this Christmas season the most joyful, there’s a prize chest full of Torchwoody-Whovian goodies for the winners!!!!!

Want more ?!?

We give you more …

What about a Torchwood Round Robin Advent-xtravaganza! Every day from December 1, you can participate in the zaniest, wackiest, most mince-pie filled Christmas fun you could ever shake a stick of mistletoe at!

Members of TA already have exclusive access to these Christmas events and competitions, but if you aren’t a member, now’s the time to join!

Experience the magical, mystical mayhem that is the Torchwood Australia Christmas firsthand.

Join today … or we’ll send a certain weevil dressed in cute elf costume ’round to pay a visit. Janet doesn’t like Christmas, it makes her cranky! She also despises elves! You get what we’re saying …

This jolly, holiday message brought to you by Empy Elf and Quristmas Librarian!