Exterminate, Delete, Under Arrest … Who?

What do the Daleks, Cybermen and the Judoon all have in common?

Give up? Don’t know? No clue?

Answer: they are all currently voiced by the multi-talented Nick Briggs!

Torchwood Australia brings you an Exclusive Interview with the man behind the voices. In a very candid chat, Nick Briggs tells us what it’s like giving voice to many of the Doctor’s nemeses. Learn more about the process of ‘filming’ voices and the challenges of this type of work.

A very busy man, Nick is also an actor (late of Torchwood: Children Of Earth – Rick Yates), a performer on the theatre stage (late of The Hounds of the Baskervilles, Theatre Royal Nottingham) and is executive producer with Big Finish Productions, licenced by the BBC to produce audio and talking books of the classic, original Doctor Who, etc.

Don’t miss reading this excellent interview!

Thank you so much Nick for all your time and for really giving us insight into voice work.

And a big thank you also to Paul Spragg at Big Finish for all his help.

Photo courtesy of Nick Briggs

Nice! The Captain Hart Interview!

Lock up your poodles, people, because we’ve got an interview for you!

That naughty Captain John Hart (and his much nicer alter ego James Marsters) join Torchwood Australia for an exclusive one-on-one! Hey! If Jack doesn’t want him, plenty of others do! *g* There’s nothing like trying to reform a bad boy … it may not work, but half the fun is trying.

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Photo provided by Steve Himber – Himber Entertainment Worldwide

New Forum Moderator

For your info, we now welcome Carolion to the Torchwood Aust (TA) Forum moderation team.

Caro is still learning but I’m sure she will prove to be a very valuable asset in the long run…..

A big welcome to you Caro.

Tommy Brockless: Out of the Freezer

Torchwood Australia thaws out Tommy Brockless (aka Anthony Lewis), rescuing him from the Torchwood Cryogenics Chamber for a chat.

Find out how Anthony felt walking onto the Torchwood set for the very first time, discover what WWI research he did for the role and get the gossip behind the kissing scenes with Tosh (Naoko Mori).

A funny, delightful and charming man.

A funny, delightful and charming interview.

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