General announcements

Hi everyone,

Just a few things to mention to bring you “up to speed”.

Firstly, the rumours that are going around about Children of Earth UK airing date, seem to indicate that it may occur week commencing 15th June – nothing confirmed at this stage though…..UKTV in Australia will be airing the 5 episodes I believe the same day or thereabouts as per the UK airing dates.  Please keep an eye on the forum for more details as they come to hand.  There will be announcements made over there regarding when COE will air etc.

Secondly, we welcome Noo as our newest Sub Admin on the Forum – fabulous to have you join the moderating team Noo.

Thirdly, our 2nd Anniversary is fast approaching.  Please stay up to date with news of that weekend on the forum.  Lots of activities/comps/prizes are planned.  The relevant weekend is 20th/21st June 2009.

And lastly, EvilRuthy is off for her big trip with Cally73 to the UK on 12th May; I will be away until 15th June, and will be online occasionally whilst I’m away, probably once a week.  The Forum moderation will be capably looked after by Clarrisani and Noo; please contact them if you need assistance with anything during my absence.  The website itself won’t be updated during my absence.

Hope you are having a great weekend all.