Torchwood Season 2

Ok, it isn’t great news……..

According to some of the upcoming tv guides, it looks like Torchwood’s airing time on the 1st Sept has been pushed back until 11.35pm.

Now I’m not going to keep updating this information piece-meal, as it may keep changing (????).

So, I do promise that if the 11.35pm timeslot changes or the date changes, there will be a post here at least 24 hours before it happens.

Let’s just hope it isn’t a repeat of our Season 1 scheduling woes.

If you want to be heard about your thoughts on the matter, I suggest you go across to the Ten forums and make your feelings known.  The more people who do it, the more likely TEN are going to take some notice.

I think we should all just take a deep breath, and hope for the best that Ten see some sense re the TW timeslots.

Season 2 in Australia – finally!

Yes the big announcement has been made by TEN.

Season Two of Torchwood commences on TEN HD on Monday 1st Sept at 10.30pm, with ep 1 “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”.

As we are all aware, not everyone in Australia has access to HD unfortunately.  So it is just as well that the Season Two dvd release (region 4) is due out in early October.

As you can see below, we have previously posted our episode blurbs, and rating links, due to the season already having been aired in the UK.  So if you haven’t viewed Season Two before, once viewed, you can go across to the forum and rate the episode, and post your comments about the ep.

Anyways, good news on the Torchwood front and YAY for TEN.

Oh and btw, Torchwood Season 3 (which unfortunately is only going to be the 5 eps we’ve all heard about) is being filmed from today.  So lots of excitement over in Wales at present (wish I was there).