We’re still kicking around :)

Yes we are still here my friends….it may have been a long time ‘between drinks’, but we are still passionate about Torchwood.

At the moment, most posting happens over on the FB group.

Obviously there are still things happening in the world of Torchwood, like all the amazing audio stories that Big Finish have been bringing out, and yes I need to catch up on those myself.

The cast are always up to something … Eve Myles’ most recent project “Keeping Faith” has done very well and there will be a Season 2.

Our lovely Kai Owen is about to embark on the London Marathon, and if you would like to give, here is the relevant web page to do so –

Kai’s Marathon Donation Page

John Barrowman is always up to some hijinx, which is what we love about John….he will be in Australia shortly for Supanova in Melbourne and in my home town of the Gold Coast.

And I’m sure most of you follow Burn, Naoko and Gareth on Twitter and can keep up with their latest news too.

If you are in London in late May, you will find most of the TW cast at this >>>

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

I am going to be over in the UK very soon, and touring around with a friend from Canada, so am looking forward to showing her around Cardiff and England and Ireland…..plus there is some touring in Italy for me for the very first time, which I’m very much looking forward to.

We’ll endeavour to share some TW type pics with you post trip, probably around the time of our 11th anniversary here at Torchwood Australia, in June.

Until then, enjoy some Torchwood love and remember to join us via Facebook for some discussion about Torchwood and more.

Forum holiday – semi permanent

Hello everyone

I’ve decided to close the Forum to new posts, and that is why you will see it in Maintenance Mode.

Most of us moderators have little spare time these days, and moderating a Forum is just not something we have time for at the moment.

But our Facebook Group and Twitter will remain running as usual, and there will be periodic announcements made on our main web page here.

Torchwood Australia is still kicking around, just in a slightly different capacity. Doesn’t mean we have any less passion for Torchwood and Doctor Who than we did before, it is just that real life is interfering way more these days.

We hope you will continue to visit us on the Facebook Group, and feel free to post over there and chat to fellow members.

All the best to everyone…..

Cheers, Ruthy x

Hey Kids! Did Ya Miss Me???

Yes Captain Jack Harkness would say that iconic line, just like our old Forum is saying…..



Yes our beloved Torchwood Australia Forum is back and she is live.

Please head back over to the Forum, and see what has been happening.

I’ve been reorganising, archiving, and condensing the old girl.

Please note in future this Forum is primarily all about Torchwood and Doctor Who, and very little outside of that. I wanted to bring the Forum back to its core purpose. So the only spin off of Doctor Who on the Forum is of course Torchwood.

If you want to discuss other things like Sarah Jane etc, please do so on the Facebook group. Let’s endeavour to keep the Forum neat and tidy.

Anyways, enjoy my friends…..and keep posting – otherwise we cannot justify the expense of keeping the Forum open.

(if you have any problems posting or viewing, please PM me or email me at ruthy@torchwoodaustralia.com)

Cheers, Ruthy.

Latest info for you…and a request :)

Hello friends,

As you all know, the Forum has been on hiatus this year, and we hope to try to reactivate it before this Christmas (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, you can always touch base with us via the Facebook group or Twitter account.

At this point though, I wanted to share something with you all, particularly for those members who live in Queensland Australia.

I have joined RSPCA as a buddy, as part of the buddy challenge.

Click on this link for more detail –

The idea of the challenge, is to join, be a buddy to one of their many lovely shelter animals throughout Queensland, and attempt to have them adopted within a certain period of time.

My buddy is Dexter the cat and he is absolutely gorgeous!

You can find Dexter’s details here –

If you or someone you know may like to have Dexter join their family, please pass on the information to them.

And perhaps you could also be a buddy just like me – I encourage all our animal loving members in Queensland to consider it.

Thanks guys….