We’re back…..

Hello all our Torchy friends,

It has been awhile but we want to refresh the website and bring it into 2021, with renewed interest in Torchwood.

Obviously we still have our Facebook and Twitter pages available to you, but we hope to bring you some new info here and revisit some of the special items we have previously shared on the Forum, like some of our exclusive interviews.

We will not be reactivating the Forum at this point. Unfortunately Forums are no longer popular, which is a pity as we had created quite a community of Torchwood lovers. However, we do want to keep our presence felt on the internet, so whilst we will only be posting here on the main website page, you are welcome to add your comments to any of the posts that we upload.

We will also have the occasional competition for you to play along with, so we hope you will join in on that as well.

We recently lost most of our saved images on the Forum and Website, and thus why the older posts show a lot of TinyPic warnings…this is because the TinyPic site closed down, so we lost hundreds of saved/linked images as a result. We are not going to go through all our old posts and delete the links as it is way too time consuming, but we hope eventually to have a lot of new posts uploaded and push the older posts down and make them less visible.

We would imagine that you have probably been excited as we have, about John Barrowman’s return to Doctor Who, as the long living Captain Jack Harkness. We are hoping that this may also mean an increased desire to see a return to some Torchwood storytelling.

Welcome to 2021 and Torchwood Australia!

(Header image copyrighted to BBC / Metro UK)

Moving forward – major updates….

Hello friends and members,

We’ve had to make some major changes to the way we operate our online presence during 2015.

Unfortunately the Administration team finds itself rather overtaken by real life, in other words, it is getting increasingly harder for us to maintain the Forum in its current format.

Also, in regards to my own situation, I am going to be away overseas and within Australia quite a lot this year….overall, I will be away from home around 9 weeks in total. This too creates issues for me regarding my participation in Forum/Torchwood Aust life.

So, at this point in time, we have decided to take a step back from our traditional Forum. Members and guests will still be able to access the Forum, and view all posts to date, and of course Members will still have access to the exclusive area where our interviews are uploaded. BUT, only the administration/moderators will be able to post to the Forum boards.

Our main website page (yes this one) will remain operational for updates, and our main online presence will be via Facebook (and to a lesser degree Twitter and our Flickr group).

We have quite a large membership on Facebook now, so we would love to see a LOT more interaction by our group members there, and plenty of chatter etc.

We will still run competitions online, but haven’t nutted out yet in what format; initially it may just be via the Facebook group, but may incorporate posts on the Forum itself – we will sort that out as we go along.

We are still alive, we are still Torchwood Australia, that is all still the same….but we realise that Members are busy too, like the Administration, and at this point we feel this is the best move forward.

At some point, we may or will reactivate the Forum again, for you to post to.

I have now been involved with Torchwood Australia for close to 8 years, and that has taken a great deal of commitment to run the website and forum for 7 years of that time. But it is something I feel very passionate about, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been around for this long.

In 2016, TW celebrates its 10th anniversary since it first aired in the UK, and in 2017 we celebrate our own 10th anniversary – I would love to see us still around for that, but only time will tell.

Feel free to contact the administration by the various means, if you have any queries about what is going on.

We hope to still see you around, we love to interact with you all, and we hope you still want to be a part of Torchwood Australia.

All the best to you!

Cheers, Ruthy (aka EvilRuthy) 🙂

Our new look :) and some updates for you….

Hi everyone,

Well as you can probably see, we’ve changed our main web page to a new look…..we’re in the blue moreso now than in the red 🙂

Also for those of you who are members on the Forum, you may wish to change to the forum default template (you can do this via your user panel, profile, options – templates choice is down the bottom of the page) – the forum default is the blue page, which matches our new look web page. You still have the option of blackred, which still ‘works’ ok with the new banner on the Forum, but the plain black really clashes with the new banner. So up to you what you choose for your viewing pleasure. Guests will see the forum default/blue page now when they are online.

We elected to have an MD image on the main web page, and a S2 TW image on the Forum, as a nod to the past TW as well as the more recent TW.

We felt it was time for a change, so we hope you like the new look.

General Updates –

New Who is well underway, and ABC in Australia are kindly allowing us to view the brand new eps via iView, as soon as they have aired in the UK. Please head over to the Current Season board on the Forum, in Whoniverse, for all episode discussions and polls.

For Forum Members – you should check out the competitions board for the Exodus Code Caption Game Comp – nice prizes for the winning caption. Only open now for another week.

Your fearless leader has been a bit MIA of late – I shall try to rectify that over the coming weeks and see what I can organise to ‘stir things up’ a bit on the Forum 🙂

Of course Christmas is not that far away (good Lord, how did that happen???) – so we will have Christmas comps coming up very soon.

Anyways, enjoy yourselves, and join in wherever you wish to.

All the best…

Website no longer accepting registrations

Hi all,

For your info, our main website is not accepting member registrations anymore.

Basically you only used to need to register here, so you were able to make a comment on a post.

Lately we’ve been hit by a number of fake/spambot type registrations, and I decided to close the registration on the site for the present time.

You are still able to register as a member on the forum, and you can participate in discussions etc over there.


Website Donations

You will notice that we have added a “make a donation” button to our main page (lower right hand side).

The Fan Club/website has always operated as a non-profit organisation, but unfortunately we still have to cover web hosting and domain name costs.  If you enjoy using the site/forum, and can help us by making a small donation, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!