We’re back…..

Hello all our Torchy friends,

It has been awhile but we want to refresh the website and bring it into 2021, with renewed interest in Torchwood.

Obviously we still have our Facebook and Twitter pages available to you, but we hope to bring you some new info here and revisit some of the special items we have previously shared on the Forum, like some of our exclusive interviews.

We will not be reactivating the Forum at this point. Unfortunately Forums are no longer popular, which is a pity as we had created quite a community of Torchwood lovers. However, we do want to keep our presence felt on the internet, so whilst we will only be posting here on the main website page, you are welcome to add your comments to any of the posts that we upload.

We will also have the occasional competition for you to play along with, so we hope you will join in on that as well.

We recently lost most of our saved images on the Forum and Website, and thus why the older posts show a lot of TinyPic warnings…this is because the TinyPic site closed down, so we lost hundreds of saved/linked images as a result. We are not going to go through all our old posts and delete the links as it is way too time consuming, but we hope eventually to have a lot of new posts uploaded and push the older posts down and make them less visible.

We would imagine that you have probably been excited as we have, about John Barrowman’s return to Doctor Who, as the long living Captain Jack Harkness. We are hoping that this may also mean an increased desire to see a return to some Torchwood storytelling.

Welcome to 2021 and Torchwood Australia!

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We’re still kicking around :)

Yes we are still here my friends….it may have been a long time ‘between drinks’, but we are still passionate about Torchwood.

At the moment, most posting happens over on the FB group.

Obviously there are still things happening in the world of Torchwood, like all the amazing audio stories that Big Finish have been bringing out, and yes I need to catch up on those myself.

The cast are always up to something … Eve Myles’ most recent project “Keeping Faith” has done very well and there will be a Season 2.

Our lovely Kai Owen is about to embark on the London Marathon, and if you would like to give, here is the relevant web page to do so –

Kai’s Marathon Donation Page

John Barrowman is always up to some hijinx, which is what we love about John….he will be in Australia shortly for Supanova in Melbourne and in my home town of the Gold Coast.

And I’m sure most of you follow Burn, Naoko and Gareth on Twitter and can keep up with their latest news too.

If you are in London in late May, you will find most of the TW cast at this >>>

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

I am going to be over in the UK very soon, and touring around with a friend from Canada, so am looking forward to showing her around Cardiff and England and Ireland…..plus there is some touring in Italy for me for the very first time, which I’m very much looking forward to.

We’ll endeavour to share some TW type pics with you post trip, probably around the time of our 11th anniversary here at Torchwood Australia, in June.

Until then, enjoy some Torchwood love and remember to join us via Facebook for some discussion about Torchwood and more.

Season 2 – Woo Hoo – the night has arrived!

Ok, we’ve reached tonight at last…..Season 2 premiere of episode one (in Australia on free-to-air).

I can honestly say I really enjoyed Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, and for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I hope you enjoy it too.

After watching this ep, please head over to the forum to rate the ep, and to participate in discussion on it, if you wish to do so.

Have a great night all – I know I will!


Season 2 in Australia – finally!

Yes the big announcement has been made by TEN.

Season Two of Torchwood commences on TEN HD on Monday 1st Sept at 10.30pm, with ep 1 “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”.

As we are all aware, not everyone in Australia has access to HD unfortunately.  So it is just as well that the Season Two dvd release (region 4) is due out in early October.

As you can see below, we have previously posted our episode blurbs, and rating links, due to the season already having been aired in the UK.  So if you haven’t viewed Season Two before, once viewed, you can go across to the forum and rate the episode, and post your comments about the ep.

Anyways, good news on the Torchwood front and YAY for TEN.

Oh and btw, Torchwood Season 3 (which unfortunately is only going to be the 5 eps we’ve all heard about) is being filmed from today.  So lots of excitement over in Wales at present (wish I was there).