Competition answers & winner

Hi all

First up, I’m going to post the answers to the multiple choice comp we uploaded this week….

1.            c

2.            b

3.            a

4.            d

5.            b

6.            b

7.            d

8.            c

9.            d

10.          d

My apologies, but I mucked up question 7 – it should’ve asked in April of 2013 (not “in April of this year”)… basically if you got that wrong, it was really my fault.

Our overall winner is –

Michael M, known as Mimkyodar on the TA Forum….congrats Michael – you got 9 out of 10 correct, but mainly because I mucked up question 7.  You will receive an email with your prize details.

We will be running these comps periodically with the occasional prize up for grabs, so give it a go next time, and join in with the TA activities.

Have a good night all!