The Woman Who Came to Dinner

As most of you are aware, we are a very mixed Forum and Website – yes we are all about Torchwood and Doctor Who, but we are about much more than that.

We are also about supporting all the actors/crew who have been involved with these shows over time, as well as other shows/movies that have grabbed our attention.

Ben Loyd-Holmes has been involved with many projects since TW Children of Earth. One of them is the upcoming movie “The Expedition” – he has introduced us to some wonderful cast members of The Expedition Movie including the lovely Angela Peters, who is now based in the UK.

Angela is involved in another upcoming project and we share this info with you below –

The Woman Who Came to Dinner is the latest feature coming out in London with our very own Australian actress Angela Peters, from Channel Seven’s series ‘Queensland’s Best Living’. Angela plays the mysterious Catherine, who arrives at a house for a two person dinner with more than a few secrets. Andrew Hillier, playing Paul, is a lonely unassuming guy who doesn’t know what’s coming. He will soon discover dinner isn’t just an entrée and main event.

The director Jamie Benyon grew the piece and concept out of impulse. Determined to make his debut feature away from typically cliché style choices, he instead took inspiration from Ben Wheatley’s Down Terrace as well as Paul Thomas Anderson, to create a two hander where the characters are introduced to a dinner surrounding immediately with the audience having no idea of their backstory. All they have are two strangers engaging in a conversation. He collaborated with his long term film partner Ben Thomas and began writing the piece in June 2013.

The small apartment has been the haven for the team working over the course of just under two weeks to bring together the story. Sound engineer, Craig Collis spoke of the challenges of creating surprise and interest when all you have is an empty room. Both the director and sound engineer had worked together on previous short films and were looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate on a bigger production.

Angela spoke of her excitement about being involved in such an intimate piece where the characters they create must engage an audience for a full seventy plus minutes. “It was so wonderful working with such a young director who knows exactly what he is looking for cinematically and story-wise. I enjoyed the challenges of playing the multi layered character”.

The Woman Who Came to Dinner is due for release this UK Autumn, 2014.

We are all looking forward to seeing Angela in this new project as well as The Expedition Movie.

If you want more info about “The Woman Who Came to Dinner”, please refer to IMDB…