Calling Bernard Cribbins …

What’s it like speaking to a real life British TV legend?

Well … ask Ruthy, who hasn’t quite come back down to Earth just yet!


On behalf of Torchwood Australia, our Administrator Ruthy was granted the immense privilege of speaking to Bernard Cribbins, via phone.

Chatting about his decades in the British film, radio, music and television industries, Bernard gleefully regales us with personal anecdotes and insights into the craft of acting and the life of stage, screen and theatre. We reminisce about his narration work in The Wombles and Jackanory before returning to the present day and his role of Wilfred Mott in the current incarnation of Doctor Who.

He may not easily be able to keep up with David Tennant’s (incessant) running and poor Wilf has to wear those “funny” hats … but Bernard Cribbins proves that the older you are, the better you get!

Plus you get to dish the goss on stars AND you get away with it! *g*

A must read interview! Whatever you do, don’t miss this one!

TA is deeply honoured to have spent time with such a wonderful, charming, far-from-old man. Thank you, Mister Bernard Cribbins!

And a massive thank you also to Katie Harper of Gavin Barker Associates Ltd, for all your work in setting up this interview.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Barker Associates Ltd

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