Interview … With A Weevil

You may not be familiar with his face.

You may not recognise his name — unless you’re in the habit of sitting through TV show end credits.

But you certainly know this man’s body of work !!

Paul Kasey, the man with all the right Doctor Who, Torchwood and SJA moves, joins Torchwood Australia for a chat.

Find out how he started in the ‘movement’ acting biz. Learn what it takes to develop and perfect a character’s moves for the small screen. And just how do people react when he’s in a Cyberman, Ood, Hath, Robot Santa, Judoon Captain, Weevil, Blowfish, Slitheen, etc, etc, etc, costume?

Thanks so much Paul for really giving us insight into another part of that mysterious creature called ‘Show Business’.

Thank you also to Jenny Hutchinson, of Second Skin Agency, for your help in facilitating this interview.

Photo courtesy – Second Skin Agency

So Dear Readers … scurry, slip, creep or dance your way on over to the TA Forum and check out this monstrously marvellous interview — otherwise we’ll send Janet the Weevil around to your house, if you don’t!

And that, I’m happy to say, is no longer an empty threat!

*wicked grin*

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