Torchwood Cast Interview Exclusives

Does PC Andy like wearing yellow?  And will this Welsh copper ever grow up?

How good are Rhys’s beans?  And is that really his bum on the tele?

If this is the sort of random trivia that keeps you up at night, then relax.  Torchwood Australia’s got what you need! Although, if you have Rhys’s naked butt running through your head, you might have a problem, and we can’t actually help you there!  Sorry!  *g*

Tom Price (PC Andy) and Kai Owen (Rhys Williams) answer all our Torchwood questions … and more!

We get the low down from the actors themselves in revealing, brillantly funny interviews.  And we learn all about the men behind the Torchwood roles.

So come on over and get to know these guys.  It’s not all ‘Spooky Doo’ and ‘Danish’, you know!

Please note: these are Torchwood Australia member exclusives.  If you are not a member, you must join to read them.

Also, a big thank you to Nat at Karushi, for letting Tom out to play.

And a big thank you too to Caron at Kai’s yahoo group, for getting Kai organised!

 (Announcement written by QuantumLibrarian)


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