Picfair – a fantastic website

For your info, I’ve set up a Picfair store https://ruthyf.picfair.com/

Please share amongst your acquaintances, business friends, family etc….I love photography and am purely an amateur – I can have up to 50 pics in the store at any time so I do have more to add, and will swap them about.

These images are fully licenced and I retain the copyright.

The main reason I’m sharing this here is that from time to time I will be including DW/TW type photos on there.

Take a look around Picfair – there are some amazing photos on there! I just love going through the pages of photos.

Competition answers & winner

Hi all

First up, I’m going to post the answers to the multiple choice comp we uploaded this week….

1.            c

2.            b

3.            a

4.            d

5.            b

6.            b

7.            d

8.            c

9.            d

10.          d

My apologies, but I mucked up question 7 – it should’ve asked in April of 2013 (not “in April of this year”)…..so basically if you got that wrong, it was really my fault.

Our overall winner is –

Michael M, known as Mimkyodar on the TA Forum….congrats Michael – you got 9 out of 10 correct, but mainly because I mucked up question 7.  You will receive an email with your prize details.

We will be running these comps periodically with the occasional prize up for grabs, so give it a go next time, and join in with the TA activities.

Have a good night all!

Timely reminder…

Don’t forget our competition we launched, which you’ll find here –

Competition Time … | Torchwood Australia

This closes tomorrow night Australian time, so get those entries in quick….

It isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming, and we are just trying to reignite some excitement around DW and TW, and Torchwood Australia.

Have a go, and you might win a small prize.

Good luck!


Competition Time …

To celebrate being back on board, Torchwood Australia is launching a multiple choice competition – just email your answers to the questions below to ruthy@torchwoodaustralia.com, to be in the running for a prize – there will be a 1st and 2nd prize for this comp, and comp is open to all worldwide…

Closing date for comp is 27 January 2021, 6pm local Qld time.

Have fun guys –

Multiple Choice Quiz below – how many can you answer correctly?

1.            Jemma Redgrave has this role in the 50th Anniversary Special –

                a. Kate Sterling

                b. Karen Spencer

                c. Kate Stewart

                d. Kelly Schwartz

2.            Georgia Moffett’s middle name is –

                a. Beth

                b. Elizabeth

                c. Jo Jo

                d. Georgina

3.            Colin Baker’s star sign is –

                a. Gemini

                b. Capricorn

                c. Leo

                d. Virgo

4.            How many children did William Hartnell have –

                a. 2 sons

                b. 1 daughter and 1 son

                c. no children

                d. 1 daughter

5.            One of the episodes “Donna Noble” appeared in was –

                a. Turn Right

                b. Turn Left

                c. Turn Around

                d. Turn It Up

6.            Bernard Cribbins was made an OBE in what year –

                a. 2000

                b. 2011

                c. 2005

                d. 1999

7.            FOUR Doctors appeared at which Australian Convention in April this year –

                a. TARDIS WHO Time

                b. Time Lords Inc

                c. WHO WHO and more WHO

                d. Lords of Time

8.            In 2063, Doctor Who will be celebrating its what anniversary –

                a. 90th

                b. 75th

                c. 100th

                d. 110th

9.            Patrick Troughton’s star sign was –

                a. Cancer

                b. Aquarius

                c. Pisces

                d. Aries

10.          Steven Moffat is –

                a. Irish

                b. English

                c. Welsh

                d. Scottish

We’re back…..

Hello all our Torchy friends,

It has been awhile but we want to refresh the website and bring it into 2021, with renewed interest in Torchwood.

Obviously we still have our Facebook and Twitter pages available to you, but we hope to bring you some new info here and revisit some of the special items we have previously shared on the Forum, like some of our exclusive interviews.

We will not be reactivating the Forum at this point. Unfortunately Forums are no longer popular, which is a pity as we had created quite a community of Torchwood lovers. However, we do want to keep our presence felt on the internet, so whilst we will only be posting here on the main website page, you are welcome to add your comments to any of the posts that we upload.

We will also have the occasional competition for you to play along with, so we hope you will join in on that as well.

We recently lost most of our saved images on the Forum and Website, and thus why the older posts show a lot of TinyPic warnings…this is because the TinyPic site closed down, so we lost hundreds of saved/linked images as a result. We are not going to go through all our old posts and delete the links as it is way too time consuming, but we hope eventually to have a lot of new posts uploaded and push the older posts down and make them less visible.

We would imagine that you have probably been excited as we have, about John Barrowman’s return to Doctor Who, as the long living Captain Jack Harkness. We are hoping that this may also mean an increased desire to see a return to some Torchwood storytelling.

Welcome to 2021 and Torchwood Australia!

(Header image copyrighted to BBC / Metro UK)