Forum updates – heaps of stuff :)

Hello everyone,

A number of updates for your info –


Please refer to our competitions board for latest comps running. As well as our recently opened Who comp, we have just opened another comp in celebration of the MD finale … board=competitions

Great prizes up for grabs folks. Only Forum Members can enter – join today if you want access to our exclusive members area of the Forum.

Miracle Day:

Please chat with us about your thoughts on the eps …

And cast your vote in the various polls open …

Doctor Who:

The last half of this season of Who has commenced, so check out the current season’s board and the poll board also …


We are currently chasing more peeps about interviews or live Q&A’s. If you haven’t checked out Tom Price’s Live Q&A from a couple of months ago, make sure you check it out now …

Kai Owen’s Birthday:

Well today is Kai’s birthday – yay! He did receive our lovely gift – more info here about that …

CLIC Sargent Charity Event – Cardiff:

If you are likely to be in Cardiff in November, make sure you check out this thread, particularly the last two posts …

Finally, we will be planning some lovely things for the upcoming Christmas period; hard to believe that December is only a few short months away.

If you haven’t visited for awhile, please come along and check things out; we miss our members when they don’t come on and say hi….

Take care everyone and enjoy the upcoming finales of Torchwood and Doctor Who.


Doctor Who at the TA Forum

If you thought the Torchwood Australia Forum was only about Torchwood … think again!

We’ve recently expanded our Whoniverse Chat board and right now, the Forum is abuzz with conversation about the newest Doctor Who (11th Doctor, Matt Smith / Steven Moffat series).

We are catering to both UK (BBC) and Aus (ABC) television viewers, with individual episode comment threads and also several fun polls.

So … come on by and tell us what you think of the NEW Doctor Who!