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We have the new category of “Myfanwy’s Media Lounge” >>>

We’re ready for the New Doctor to touch down in the TARDIS in the episode “Deep Breath” >>>

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DW World Tour Press Conference – Sydney

Hello Everyone,

Well we had a very exciting week last week, as TA Admin were invited by BBC Worldwide, to attend the press conference in Sydney.

You can find the full report over here >>>

If you are not a Forum member, you won’t actually be able to view any links or embedded images.

But, I will share here the Flickr album where I have uploaded all the pics I took –

I hope you enjoy what we have shared….

Happy Birthday Colin!

We at Torchwood Australia wanted to share with you, a Facebook page we recently discovered …

There is a boy in the US who has a birthday coming up soon, in March. His name is Colin and his Mother created this Facebook page for him –

She has written a beautiful post which is pinned at the top of that page, and I will share that with you, to give you an idea about the page –

“I am Colin’s mom, I created this page for my amazing, wonderful, challenging son who is about to turn 11 on March 9th. Because of Colin’s disabilities, social skills are not easy for him, and he often acts out in school, and the other kids don’t like him. So when I asked him if he wanted a party for his birthday, he said there wasn’t a point because he has no friends. He eats lunch alone in the office everyday because no one will let him sit with them, and rather than force someone to be unhappy with his presence, he sits alone in the office. So I thought, if I could create a page where people could send him positive thoughts and encouraging words, that would be better than any birthday party. Please join me in making my very original son feel special on his day.”

Now we’ve discovered a few things about Colin along the way; things like he is a sensitive and loving lad (that much is obvious in some of the videos his Mother has shared with us), and a biggy we found out was that he is a DOCTOR WHO FAN – WOO HOO….so of course, being fellow Whovians, we would love to see more people like his page, and leave birthday wishes etc on the page for him.

There have been 2 Million people worldwide like his page, and with over 2 weeks yet to go until his birthday, it wouldn’t surprise us if he hits the 3 Million mark.

So please go check out his page, and perhaps like it, read through some of the posts, and leave your special message for Colin.

I think it will take him ’til his 12th birthday, to read all his messages, and all the cards that he is being sent.

Cheers guys! :)

Update on Liam’s dream…

Hello there,

Well I’m happy to advise that Liam’s dream (as per initial post below) is soon to become a reality.

Thanks to some very generous donors, Liam and his Mum are attending the Melbourne Whoniverse Event, and will be meeting Matt Smith during photo ops and autograph sessions.

Thank you to all and sundry that have made this happen, and who have also been supporting Liam’s Facebook page.

You all rock!

Can we help Liam fulfil his dream?

Hello to all our Whovian folks,

There is an amazing event being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth during early March, with guests announced being Matt Smith / Karen Gillan / Arthur Darvill.

As you can imagine this has sparked some excited chatter amongst Whovians wanting to go to this event, which is being promoted/hosted by The Hub Productions.

We’ve had a Facebook page brought to our attention, in relation to a young boy by the name of Liam.

Refer here for more info >>>

Now Liam would love to meet Matt Smith in person, when Matt attends the Hub Productions event in Melbourne. But the cost is rather considerable, for just Liam and say his Mum to go.

That said, by starting that page, his Mum was NOT asking for donations. She wanted to spread the word and try to somehow make this happen for her child.

Liam has had rather a rocky road in his short life, due to health issues, and “Doctor Who” has really been amazing medicine for this young lad; his Mother has shared just how much of an impact DW has had on Liam.

Her desire is that we all share the Facebook page with all and sundry, get the word spread all over, and see if we can make Liam’s dream a reality.

I know there are MANY deserving kids out there, but this story has really touched my heart, particularly since Liam has really come along in leaps and bounds due to DW.

Please endeavour to like Liam’s page and share with everyone on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you normally hang out for your social media tasks.

Also, if you are wanting more information about the event itself, please go to the Hub Productions website >>>

Cheers, Ruthy.

Latest updates for you …

I sent out another update email to the TA Forum members, and thought I would share all the info here on our main page as well…

That said, please remember that certain links etc can only be viewed by TA Forum members.


Hello everyone,

Well I’ve made it safely back to Australia after an incredible two weeks in the UK, celebrating the DW 50th Anniversary.

I will at some stage soon (I hope) be uploading a report of the event plus oodles of photos….it was just so much fun and sharing it with so many fans from all over the world was awesome!

For your info –

The final DW 50th Anniv Comp has been uploaded and also prizes have been announced for it –

Check out that thread for the details. These last monthly comps close on Sunday, so be quick if you are wanting to enter.

If you wish to comment on our Ep/s of the month club, please check out this thread for the info –

I am yet to comment on recent choices, and have the last three eps chosen to comment on…I watched those whilst in the UK.

Irishangel set a wonderful writing challenge for November –

Perhaps our writers would like to take a look and post there before we get into the silly season.

At some stage next week, we will be starting our Christmas celebrations, that means events, things to do, and of course our Christmas comps and prizes….an email will be sent to you with details or a link to the relevant thread containing all the details for you.

I think once we hit Christmas, the moderation team will be taking a well deserved rest – it has been a hell of a year all round, including such a huge one for DW….

Thanks for joining us over this amazing year of DW and more!

Evil Ruthy!

Loads AND Loads of updates……..

I just sent this massive email to the TA Forum members, and thought I would share all this news here on our main page as well…

That said, please remember that certain links etc can only be viewed by TA Forum members.


Hello everyone,

Well we felt we’d better give everyone a head’s up as there seems to be loads going on and coming up, especially with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary approaching fast.

1. DW 50th Anniversary October Comps – we have opened this thread here >>>

and I will say, the prize is utterly gorge! In fact, I’d even be bold enough to say that all or most Whovians would love one of these! This is a beautiful prize so get participating in the monthly comps for your chance to win this. November comps will be extra special too, being our final month of Anniversary comps, and the prize will include merchandise from the official 50th Anniversary Convention being held in London.

2. We have two awesome episodes nominated for our Ep of the Month Club – make sure you check those out before we head into November for our Matt Smith tribute >>>

3. Irish has opened a magic writing challenge for October, dedicated to TEN!

Have a go at contributing to this month’s writing challenge. Open to all members!

4. We are HOPING to have a very Special Who Guest join us for a live Q&A prior to the 50th Anniversary – if we can get this organised, you will be the first to know about it. Stay tuned for that!

5. Our ABC network in Australia really is getting into the 50th Anniversary spirit – if you check out this thread for the latter posts, you will see the ABC media releases I have uploaded there >>>

6. Torchwood in Australia – the lovely Channel Eleven have been revisiting our beloved Torchwood – they are currently up to S2 Ep 7 Dead Man Walking, which will be shown this Monday night. Plus they have the two previous eps on their catch up video on the internet. Certainly wonderful to see Torchwood on our telly boxes!

7. Torchwood in the UK – a Torchwood Con is occurring in the UK in April 2014 – more here >>>

They had announced recently that Burn Gorman would also be there, but he has since cancelled unfortunately.

8. In baby news :) Eve Myles is expecting again – yay…..a sibling is on its way for Matilda. Also, John Barrowman has become a great uncle, with Clare having given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

9. TA – December – of course December wouldn’t be December without Christmas comps – these will be announced in the early part of December, plus a few Christmas activities as well. So yes folks we are pretty busy right up until the end of this year!

10. Public Interviews – not long ago we uploaded the Expedition Movie interviews, and they are a really good read – check them out here >>>

They now only have a few short hours to smash their campaign total of 5000 GBP, so if you are wanting one of their wonderful perks, check out the campaign here but be very very quick!

Finally, your fearless leader is off to the UK in November for a couple of weeks; included activities of course are the DW 50th Anniversary Con weekend in London, and viewing the 50th Anniversary episode somewhere along the line, PLUS I’ve managed to get a ticket to see David Tennant in Richard II at Stratford-Upon-Avon – very much looking forward to that.

So folks, if you haven’t visited the Forum for awhile, I suggest you come over and check it out, especially our latest comp thread and beautiful prize up for grabs.

Take care all.

Evil Ruthy….

Our upcoming Anniversary and more…..

Hello to all our Members and Guests,

This month is our Anniversary celebration – 6 years since Torchwood Australia began….woo hoo!

You can find our Anniversary intro here >>>


We should be uploading an interview shortly too, with a well known Who/TW writer (eps, audio books, short stories) – if not in time for our Anniversary celebrations, should be shortly thereafter.

We are still celebrating all things Who, in this its 50th anniversary year, but our 6th Anniversary week will be very Torchwood focussed!

That all said, yes our Monthly Who comps are still running, and we have put up the June Comp thread here, with fantastic prizes yet again (something one off/hand made) >>>

Our monthly writing challenges are still chugging along nicely (and there will be an Anniversary challenge set as well), so have a look over on this board for more info >>>

We’re still running our Doctor Who “Eps of the Month” – please check that out and perhaps revisit some of your favourite episodes >>>

The biggest news of today is of course about Matt Smith’s resignation….more on this board >>>

So there you have it guys…..remember, to access our EXCLUSIVE competitions and cast/crew interviews, you need to be a registered member on the Forum, link below >>>

Once our Anniversary is out of the way, I will be heading to Sydney for Supanova (woo hoo) – of course the gorgeous Eve Myles and Kai Owen are visiting us for this Con (in Sydney AND Perth), so I am very much looking forward to seeing them again, meeting up with some old friends, and meeting some of my online friends who I am yet to meet face to face….should be brilliant.

All the best everyone – hope you can join us for our Anniversary week.


2013 plans…..

Hi there,

We have uploaded an outline of what is ahead of us during 2013, for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations – you can find the main post here (refer most recent post for updated info)

So as you can see via that thread, there will be many things happening throughout 2013 including weekly comps (and prizes), writing challenges, and SO much more.

Of course only Registered Forum Members will be able to participate in the bulk of the events that we’ll be running.

We have also opened up some new Forum Games that may interest you also –

So we would recommend that you head on over to the Forum and join us for loads of fun over the course of 2013.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and good health, happiness and many blessings for 2013.


Exciting stuff for 2013….all to be revealed in good time!

We recently uploaded the following post on Twitter and Facebook – refer below:

We’ve got BIG plans for Torchwood Australia next year, particularly with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who approaching in Nov 2013.

So we suggest you stick close by, so you don’t miss out on anything….we will be working very hard to really shake things up – so you are going to WANT to be there for it.

That said, if you are currently ‘lurking’ as a guest only, now is probably the time to consider joining as an official member…

Announcements of our upcoming celebrations for the ENTIRE year will be gradually revealed in our lead up to the Christmas Season (and beyond). Yes EVERY week in 2013 will be a celebration week on TA….

And of course we have Christmas comps coming up as well shortly.

So, basically folks, you snooze, you lose….

Come along and join the ride; this is going to be pretty awesome! I kid you not!

If you want to register as a member on the Forum, just go to this link >>>