Who’s That Man?

If you want the low down on Mr Dekker (TW: CoE), we’ve got the interview for you!

Cynical – devious – ambiguous – disturbed – weird – whatever words you chose to describe him, Dekker was all that and more!

Played by the talented Ian Gelder, he helps us burrow deep into the strange psyche of that strange CoE character. Revelations and reveals await!


Huge thank you’s to Ian Gelder for indulging Torchwood Australia, and especially myself, in our curiosity of a very curious one of a kind curiosity. Thank you!

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy

Undercover With Ben Loyd-Holmes

Ben Loyd-Holmes (‘The Operative’ – TW:COE) shares his Torchwood and Hub Con experiences with us. Plus we find out what other projects he’s got going on.

This self-confessed geek (science, TV and other stuff) goes one-on-one with Torchwood Australia’s Administrator Ruthy, as she gets to the bottom of this philosophically deep, optimistic and rather quite versatile actor.

A terrific read, so don’t miss this one!

Much thanks to Ben, and also to Samantha at Simon & How for her help.

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy


Katy Wix Tickles Our Funnybone

The delightful and comical Katy Wix (Rhiannon Davies – Children of Earth) spends some time with Torchwood Australia.

We get the insider gossip from Ianto’s sister … and find out what else Katy’s been up to lately, including Hub Con appearances and comedy fest updates!


Big thanks to Katy for sparing us the time.

Also much thanks to Ben Nolan from Avalon Entertainment Limited for his help.

Photo copyright -> Avalon Entertainment Limited (UK)

In Deep With Paul Copley

Paul Copley, award winning star of stage, screen and radiowaves, joins Torchwood Australia for a detailed discussion.

We unravel the depths of traumatized, vulnerable Clem McDonald (Children of Earth), set sail on the high seas (Hornblower) and delve into British social history (Days of Hope). With theatreland in his blood, Paul shares with us his love for acting, Bonneville bikes and travelling the world.

A wonderful, insightful look into a wonderful, interesting man.

Thanks so much Paul for allowing us to interview you. And thanks also to Chloe Brayfield of Amanda Howard Associates for all your help.

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy, taken at The Hub 3 Convention, Birmingham, Oct 2009

Calling Bernard Cribbins …

What’s it like speaking to a real life British TV legend?

Well … ask Ruthy, who hasn’t quite come back down to Earth just yet!


On behalf of Torchwood Australia, our Administrator Ruthy was granted the immense privilege of speaking to Bernard Cribbins, via phone.

Chatting about his decades in the British film, radio, music and television industries, Bernard gleefully regales us with personal anecdotes and insights into the craft of acting and the life of stage, screen and theatre. We reminisce about his narration work in The Wombles and Jackanory before returning to the present day and his role of Wilfred Mott in the current incarnation of Doctor Who.

He may not easily be able to keep up with David Tennant’s (incessant) running and poor Wilf has to wear those “funny” hats … but Bernard Cribbins proves that the older you are, the better you get!

Plus you get to dish the goss on stars AND you get away with it! *g*

A must read interview! Whatever you do, don’t miss this one!

TA is deeply honoured to have spent time with such a wonderful, charming, far-from-old man. Thank you, Mister Bernard Cribbins!

And a massive thank you also to Katie Harper of Gavin Barker Associates Ltd, for all your work in setting up this interview.

Photo courtesy of Gavin Barker Associates Ltd

Interview … With A Weevil

You may not be familiar with his face.

You may not recognise his name — unless you’re in the habit of sitting through TV show end credits.

But you certainly know this man’s body of work !!

Paul Kasey, the man with all the right Doctor Who, Torchwood and SJA moves, joins Torchwood Australia for a chat.

Find out how he started in the ‘movement’ acting biz. Learn what it takes to develop and perfect a character’s moves for the small screen. And just how do people react when he’s in a Cyberman, Ood, Hath, Robot Santa, Judoon Captain, Weevil, Blowfish, Slitheen, etc, etc, etc, costume?

Thanks so much Paul for really giving us insight into another part of that mysterious creature called ‘Show Business’.

Thank you also to Jenny Hutchinson, of Second Skin Agency, for your help in facilitating this interview.

Photo courtesy – Second Skin Agency

So Dear Readers … scurry, slip, creep or dance your way on over to the TA Forum and check out this monstrously marvellous interview — otherwise we’ll send Janet the Weevil around to your house, if you don’t!

And that, I’m happy to say, is no longer an empty threat!

*wicked grin*

GDL Delivers The Tea … Boy!

Merry Early Christmas, Readers.

Here’s our gift to you!

Torchwood Australia is proud to present an interview with one of the “Big Three” in the recent ‘COE’ Torchwood-verse.

The slightly rumpled, but oh so charming Gareth David-Lloyd, who plays the dapper, diplomatic, irony quipping Mister Ianto Jones kindly gave us his time and answered our burning fannish questions.

Did he choose Ianto’s wardrobe?  How’d he get on with his co-stars?  Does he actually like tea or coffee?  And what does he think of the grassroots fan effort to ‘Save Ianto Jones’?

We asked the questions, Gareth delivered the answers … which is sort of how an interview goes, I suppose!

So don’t say Torchwood Australia doesn’t give you anything … besides a bit of lip, a real bad attitude and some awfully horrible fanfic … just kidding on the fanfic, it’s mildly okay! *g*

Oh and don’t forget to check out what GDL is up to next, including the latest with his band ‘Blue Gillespie‘.

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy, taken at The Hub Convention,
Hilton Metropole Birmingham/UK, 24.10.2009

Many thanks to GDL Live for letting Ianto (and GDL) escape his coffee and tea making duties so he could answer our questions.

And as always, Exclusive Interviews are ONLY available to Torchwood Australia Forum Members.  Become one today.  We’ve also got crazy cool Christmas Comps going on all through December, with unique one-of-a-kind prizes!

Don’t miss out!

Exterminate, Delete, Under Arrest … Who?

What do the Daleks, Cybermen and the Judoon all have in common?

Give up? Don’t know? No clue?

Answer: they are all currently voiced by the multi-talented Nick Briggs!

Torchwood Australia brings you an Exclusive Interview with the man behind the voices. In a very candid chat, Nick Briggs tells us what it’s like giving voice to many of the Doctor’s nemeses. Learn more about the process of ‘filming’ voices and the challenges of this type of work.

A very busy man, Nick is also an actor (late of Torchwood: Children Of Earth – Rick Yates), a performer on the theatre stage (late of The Hounds of the Baskervilles, Theatre Royal Nottingham) and is executive producer with Big Finish Productions, licenced by the BBC to produce audio and talking books of the classic, original Doctor Who, etc.

Don’t miss reading this excellent interview!

Thank you so much Nick for all your time and for really giving us insight into voice work.

And a big thank you also to Paul Spragg at Big Finish for all his help.

Photo courtesy of Nick Briggs

Nice! The Captain Hart Interview!

Lock up your poodles, people, because we’ve got an interview for you!

That naughty Captain John Hart (and his much nicer alter ego James Marsters) join Torchwood Australia for an exclusive one-on-one! Hey! If Jack doesn’t want him, plenty of others do! *g* There’s nothing like trying to reform a bad boy … it may not work, but half the fun is trying.

A Torchwood Australia Forum Member Exclusive! Sign up to read. It’s worth the while!

Special thanks to Steve Himber of Himber Entertainment Worldwide for all his wonderful help too!

Photo provided by Steve Himber – Himber Entertainment Worldwide

Tommy Brockless: Out of the Freezer

Torchwood Australia thaws out Tommy Brockless (aka Anthony Lewis), rescuing him from the Torchwood Cryogenics Chamber for a chat.

Find out how Anthony felt walking onto the Torchwood set for the very first time, discover what WWI research he did for the role and get the gossip behind the kissing scenes with Tosh (Naoko Mori).

A funny, delightful and charming man.

A funny, delightful and charming interview.

Thank you also to Roxane of Roxane Vacca Management.