Want to read a magnificent interview???

We are happy to announce that we’ve just uploaded a wonderful interview with Maxine Evans.

This is an exceptional read, and if you want to know much more about the lovely lady, head over to the link below.

(just a wee reminder that ONLY Torchwood Australia Registered Forum Members can access the exclusive interview section of the Forum)
We send a massively HUGE thank you to Maxine for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – your participation is totally appreciated! You’re a cockin’ brilliant woman! Thank you!

Photo provided by Maxine Evans

Loads AND Loads of updates……..

I just sent this massive email to the TA Forum members, and thought I would share all this news here on our main page as well…

That said, please remember that certain links etc can only be viewed by TA Forum members.


Hello everyone,

Well we felt we’d better give everyone a head’s up as there seems to be loads going on and coming up, especially with the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary approaching fast.

1. DW 50th Anniversary October Comps – we have opened this thread here >>>

and I will say, the prize is utterly gorge! In fact, I’d even be bold enough to say that all or most Whovians would love one of these! This is a beautiful prize so get participating in the monthly comps for your chance to win this. November comps will be extra special too, being our final month of Anniversary comps, and the prize will include merchandise from the official 50th Anniversary Convention being held in London.

2. We have two awesome episodes nominated for our Ep of the Month Club – make sure you check those out before we head into November for our Matt Smith tribute >>>

3. Irish has opened a magic writing challenge for October, dedicated to TEN!

Have a go at contributing to this month’s writing challenge. Open to all members!

4. We are HOPING to have a very Special Who Guest join us for a live Q&A prior to the 50th Anniversary – if we can get this organised, you will be the first to know about it. Stay tuned for that!

5. Our ABC network in Australia really is getting into the 50th Anniversary spirit – if you check out this thread for the latter posts, you will see the ABC media releases I have uploaded there >>>

6. Torchwood in Australia – the lovely Channel Eleven have been revisiting our beloved Torchwood – they are currently up to S2 Ep 7 Dead Man Walking, which will be shown this Monday night. Plus they have the two previous eps on their catch up video on the internet. Certainly wonderful to see Torchwood on our telly boxes!

7. Torchwood in the UK – a Torchwood Con is occurring in the UK in April 2014 – more here >>>

They had announced recently that Burn Gorman would also be there, but he has since cancelled unfortunately.

8. In baby news :) Eve Myles is expecting again – yay…..a sibling is on its way for Matilda. Also, John Barrowman has become a great uncle, with Clare having given birth to a bouncing baby boy.

9. TA – December – of course December wouldn’t be December without Christmas comps – these will be announced in the early part of December, plus a few Christmas activities as well. So yes folks we are pretty busy right up until the end of this year!

10. Public Interviews – not long ago we uploaded the Expedition Movie interviews, and they are a really good read – check them out here >>>

They now only have a few short hours to smash their campaign total of 5000 GBP, so if you are wanting one of their wonderful perks, check out the campaign here but be very very quick!

Finally, your fearless leader is off to the UK in November for a couple of weeks; included activities of course are the DW 50th Anniversary Con weekend in London, and viewing the 50th Anniversary episode somewhere along the line, PLUS I’ve managed to get a ticket to see David Tennant in Richard II at Stratford-Upon-Avon – very much looking forward to that.

So folks, if you haven’t visited the Forum for awhile, I suggest you come over and check it out, especially our latest comp thread and beautiful prize up for grabs.

Take care all.

Evil Ruthy….

Our upcoming Anniversary and more…..

Hello to all our Members and Guests,

This month is our Anniversary celebration – 6 years since Torchwood Australia began….woo hoo!

You can find our Anniversary intro here >>>


We should be uploading an interview shortly too, with a well known Who/TW writer (eps, audio books, short stories) – if not in time for our Anniversary celebrations, should be shortly thereafter.

We are still celebrating all things Who, in this its 50th anniversary year, but our 6th Anniversary week will be very Torchwood focussed!

That all said, yes our Monthly Who comps are still running, and we have put up the June Comp thread here, with fantastic prizes yet again (something one off/hand made) >>>

Our monthly writing challenges are still chugging along nicely (and there will be an Anniversary challenge set as well), so have a look over on this board for more info >>>

We’re still running our Doctor Who “Eps of the Month” – please check that out and perhaps revisit some of your favourite episodes >>>

The biggest news of today is of course about Matt Smith’s resignation….more on this board >>>

So there you have it guys…..remember, to access our EXCLUSIVE competitions and cast/crew interviews, you need to be a registered member on the Forum, link below >>>

Once our Anniversary is out of the way, I will be heading to Sydney for Supanova (woo hoo) – of course the gorgeous Eve Myles and Kai Owen are visiting us for this Con (in Sydney AND Perth), so I am very much looking forward to seeing them again, meeting up with some old friends, and meeting some of my online friends who I am yet to meet face to face….should be brilliant.

All the best everyone – hope you can join us for our Anniversary week.


Indira Varma shares Suzie with us and more!

We are happy to announce that Indira Varma recently participated in one of our exclusive interviews and it has been uploaded to our Forum today.

Indira has shared a number of things with us, a lot of which I’m sure you did not know!

Head on over to the TA Forum to view the published interview.


We send a massive thank you to Indira for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we very much appreciate your participation! Thank you!

Photo provided by Gordon & French Management

Our latest interview – with DANIELE FAVILLI!

The delightful Daniele Favilli recently participated in one of our exclusive interviews – we’ve just uploaded it to our Forum today.

Want to know more about Daniele, including his role of Angelo in Torchwood: Miracle Day?

Well head on over to the TA Forum for his interview.


A huge thank you is extended to Daniele for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we really appreciate your participation! Thank you!

Photo provided by “Mrs Harkness”

Louise talks Doctor Who, Doc Martin & more!

The lovely Louise Jameson recently participated in one of our exclusive interviews – the interview has finally been uploaded today.

Would you like to know more about Leela from Classic Who and all the other fabulous things Louise has been doing?

Check out her interview over on the TA Forum.


A great big thank you to Louise for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we greatly appreciate you joining us for our interview! Thank you!

A thank you also to Deborah from Conway van Gelder Grant Limited (Louise’s management) for coordinating all this for us – you were so helpful Deborah and we are very thankful for your input.

Photo by Ian Fraser

Our Chat with Jane Espenson!

We have set up a new “public” board for exclusive interviews.

Our first interviewee for the new board is Jane Espenson, American script writer and television producer.

Please check out her interview which includes info about Torchwood: Miracle Day, her past major projects like Buffy, and her current web series “Husbands”.

For more information about “Husbands”, including episodes…


Many thanks to Jane for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we greatly appreciate you giving the time for it! Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Jane Espenson

Forum updates – heaps of stuff :)

Hello everyone,

A number of updates for your info –


Please refer to our competitions board for latest comps running. As well as our recently opened Who comp, we have just opened another comp in celebration of the MD finale …
http://torchwoodaustralia.com/forum/YaBB.pl? board=competitions

Great prizes up for grabs folks. Only Forum Members can enter – join today if you want access to our exclusive members area of the Forum.

Miracle Day:

Please chat with us about your thoughts on the eps …

And cast your vote in the various polls open …

Doctor Who:

The last half of this season of Who has commenced, so check out the current season’s board and the poll board also …


We are currently chasing more peeps about interviews or live Q&A’s. If you haven’t checked out Tom Price’s Live Q&A from a couple of months ago, make sure you check it out now …

Kai Owen’s Birthday:

Well today is Kai’s birthday – yay! He did receive our lovely gift – more info here about that …

CLIC Sargent Charity Event – Cardiff:

If you are likely to be in Cardiff in November, make sure you check out this thread, particularly the last two posts …

Finally, we will be planning some lovely things for the upcoming Christmas period; hard to believe that December is only a few short months away.

If you haven’t visited for awhile, please come along and check things out; we miss our members when they don’t come on and say hi….

Take care everyone and enjoy the upcoming finales of Torchwood and Doctor Who.


Some cheekiness from Brad “Cheeks” Bell…

We have been developing a new section on our Forum called Miracle Day – Behind the Scenes.

Our newest addition to this section is an interview with Cheeks! Who is Cheeks? Well if you go over to the forum you will see exactly who this guy is…..loads to learn about him and the interview reveals a very interesting man.

Cheeks is appearing in Torchwood: Miracle Day, so we were thrilled when he agreed to an interview with us.

Check out his interview on the TA Forum.


A huge thank you to Cheeks for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we greatly appreciate you giving the time for this interview! Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Brad Bell

Direction and more from Euros Lyn

We secured a fabulous interview with Director Euros Lyn.

Would you like to know more about Doctor Who and Torchwood from a Director’s POV? Well we asked the questions and Euros kindly answered them for us.

Check out his interview over on the TA Forum.


Massive thank you to Euros Lyn for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we greatly appreciate you putting in the time and the effort! Thank you!

Photo from iamatvjunkie.com website