Who’s That Man?

If you want the low down on Mr Dekker (TW: CoE), we’ve got the interview for you!

Cynical – devious – ambiguous – disturbed – weird – whatever words you chose to describe him, Dekker was all that and more!

Played by the talented Ian Gelder, he helps us burrow deep into the strange psyche of that strange CoE character. Revelations and reveals await!


Huge thank you’s to Ian Gelder for indulging Torchwood Australia, and especially myself, in our curiosity of a very curious one of a kind curiosity. Thank you!

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy

Undercover With Ben Loyd-Holmes

Ben Loyd-Holmes (‘The Operative’ – TW:COE) shares his Torchwood and Hub Con experiences with us. Plus we find out what other projects he’s got going on.

This self-confessed geek (science, TV and other stuff) goes one-on-one with Torchwood Australia’s Administrator Ruthy, as she gets to the bottom of this philosophically deep, optimistic and rather quite versatile actor.

A terrific read, so don’t miss this one!

Much thanks to Ben, and also to Samantha at Simon & How for her help.

Photo courtesy – EvilRuthy


Katy Wix Tickles Our Funnybone

The delightful and comical Katy Wix (Rhiannon Davies – Children of Earth) spends some time with Torchwood Australia.

We get the insider gossip from Ianto’s sister … and find out what else Katy’s been up to lately, including Hub Con appearances and comedy fest updates!


Big thanks to Katy for sparing us the time.

Also much thanks to Ben Nolan from Avalon Entertainment Limited for his help.

Photo copyright -> Avalon Entertainment Limited (UK)

TA 3rd Anniversary In Full Swing

The Torchwood Australia Anniversary fun and games are now in full swing.

Here is what is in store for members:

* An Auction

* The TA Inaugural Challenge

* Triva Competition

* Find-A-Word Competition (Doctor Who related)

* Random member draw (just by logging into the Forum)

* The always hilarious Caption Game Competition

and for the first time …

* vote for the TA Member of the Year

A bunch of Torchwood and Doctor Who related goodies and prizes to be awarded!!

These competitions are only open to Torchwood Australia members, so if you would like to participate, come on along and join our great Forum! We’re a pretty friendly bunch and we welcome members from all over the world, not just Australia! And there’s more than just Torchwood talk too … there’s Who for a start!


So come help Torchwood Australia celebrate its 3rd Anniversary!

Doctor Who at the TA Forum

If you thought the Torchwood Australia Forum was only about Torchwood … think again!

We’ve recently expanded our Whoniverse Chat board and right now, the Forum is abuzz with conversation about the newest Doctor Who (11th Doctor, Matt Smith / Steven Moffat series).

We are catering to both UK (BBC) and Aus (ABC) television viewers, with individual episode comment threads and also several fun polls.

So … come on by and tell us what you think of the NEW Doctor Who!