Interactive board

We recently opened a new section on the Forum called “Interactive Corner”.

You can view the thread we’ve opened on there >>>

Reply number 6 will give you the info about our first Interactive event being held on 9 July.

Please check it out for more info.

And if you wish to participate in this special live Q&A, you will need to register as a member on our Forum.

Come join us for this very special event on the Torchwood Australia Forum.

Anniversary Events

Hey all,

MEMBERS, our Anniversary Comps are all open now for entry – refer this board for more info….some fab prizes for you to win too.

GUESTS, you only need to register as a member on the Forum to be eligible for entry to our Anniversary Comps.

We are also about to upload a fun writing event which will be open to all Members to participate – you do NOT need to be a writing genius to have a go at this….

Hope you all enjoy our Anniversary events….have fun!

Some cheekiness from Brad “Cheeks” Bell…

We have been developing a new section on our Forum called Miracle Day – Behind the Scenes.

Our newest addition to this section is an interview with Cheeks! Who is Cheeks? Well if you go over to the forum you will see exactly who this guy is…..loads to learn about him and the interview reveals a very interesting man.

Cheeks is appearing in Torchwood: Miracle Day, so we were thrilled when he agreed to an interview with us.

Check out his interview on the TA Forum.


A huge thank you to Cheeks for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – we greatly appreciate you giving the time for this interview! Thank you!

Photo courtesy of Brad Bell

Forum news and more…..

Hello everyone,

Thought it was time I gave you a bit of an update…..

Firstly, we are still working hard to get some more completed exclusive interviews for you on the Forum page….some we have been trying to obtain for over a year, so please be patient, as it is a slow and time consuming process. Please remember that the exclusive interviews can only be viewed by Forum Members.

Secondly, heaps of news being shared on the Miracle Day board
TW Miracle Day
Also included there is a great two part write up by Caron Reidy – she obtained an extras role in TW MD, and shares her experiences with us. Thanks so much again Caron!

I would also add re MD, that BBC has put up a trailer of their upcoming programmes including TW – check this out
BBC upcoming prog trailer

Thirdly, we’re keeping our current season/Who board up to date as well
DW current season

If you aren’t a member on the TW Australia Forum, please go to this page, and register from there – it really is worthwhile, as we try to keep you up to date, and give you a diverse range of info, and also the opportunity to win great prizes.
TA Forum

Lastly, I will mention that a number of peeps have had birthdays recently – John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Ben Loyd-Holmes, and David Tennant. I will add that Gareth and Ben both celebrated their 30th birthdays this year – woo hoo.

And another exciting bit of celebratory news; well you will find it here…
Kai’s update
Excellent news for Kai and his family.

Anyways, don’t be a stranger guys – come over to the Forum when you have a chance and check things out.

Cheers, Ruthy.