Moving forward – major updates….

Hello friends and members,

We’ve had to make some major changes to the way we operate our online presence during 2015.

Unfortunately the Administration team finds itself rather overtaken by real life, in other words, it is getting increasingly harder for us to maintain the Forum in its current format.

Also, in regards to my own situation, I am going to be away overseas and within Australia quite a lot this year….overall, I will be away from home around 9 weeks in total. This too creates issues for me regarding my participation in Forum/Torchwood Aust life.

So, at this point in time, we have decided to take a step back from our traditional Forum. Members and guests will still be able to access the Forum, and view all posts to date, and of course Members will still have access to the exclusive area where our interviews are uploaded. BUT, only the administration/moderators will be able to post to the Forum boards.

Our main website page (yes this one) will remain operational for updates, and our main online presence will be via Facebook (and to a lesser degree Twitter and our Flickr group).

We have quite a large membership on Facebook now, so we would love to see a LOT more interaction by our group members there, and plenty of chatter etc.

We will still run competitions online, but haven’t nutted out yet in what format; initially it may just be via the Facebook group, but may incorporate posts on the Forum itself – we will sort that out as we go along.

We are still alive, we are still Torchwood Australia, that is all still the same….but we realise that Members are busy too, like the Administration, and at this point we feel this is the best move forward.

At some point, we may or will reactivate the Forum again, for you to post to.

I have now been involved with Torchwood Australia for close to 8 years, and that has taken a great deal of commitment to run the website and forum for 7 years of that time. But it is something I feel very passionate about, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been around for this long.

In 2016, TW celebrates its 10th anniversary since it first aired in the UK, and in 2017 we celebrate our own 10th anniversary – I would love to see us still around for that, but only time will tell.

Feel free to contact the administration by the various means, if you have any queries about what is going on.

We hope to still see you around, we love to interact with you all, and we hope you still want to be a part of Torchwood Australia.

All the best to you!

Cheers, Ruthy (aka EvilRuthy) :)

2015 – what are we up to?

Hello there,

Well, we’ve decided to cut back on our Forum boards. The main reason being we’ve had a few issues with our web provider, and a few technical glitches, so this kind of pushed the Administration to decide to return the Forum back to its core purpose, being Torchwood and Doctor Who. We feel there a more than enough avenues on the W.W.W. for all the other stuff we’ve been accommodating over the years, and we know a LOT of members simply don’t have time for forum life these days, other than a quick hello, howdy do, and so it was felt we needed to simplify the forum again.

You will see there are a lot less areas on the Forum now, and yes we are restricting discussion to Torchwood and Doctor Who, and whatever the actors/crew are up to these days, so yes chatter about Barrowman in Arrow is quite ok (on the appropriate board/s), but there won’t be the more general discussions about all the other shows/productions/movies etc that we used to share.

We’re sorry if this is a disappointment to any of you, but we felt the time had come to go back to our roots.

We realise that Torchwood isn’t currently in production, but with word of new radio plays coming up, we indeed hope for some revitalised chatter about our favourite Sci Fi show.

We will be incorporating news of any upcoming events both here and overseas, we will also try to get some new interviews happening during the year, and also will host a few comps for you to participate in.

We hope you can come join us over on the forum for a bit of DW/TW chatter, and also please remember that we are over on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Hope to see you around my friends.

All the best,
Ruthy & the team

Christmas 2014

Hello Everyone,

We take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy and safe Christmas, and many blessings for 2015.

We hope you have enjoyed spending some time on our website and forum, and may have participated in some of the interesting areas we have on offer.

Congratulations to all our Christmas comp winners and thank you to those who entered.

Please keep in mind that joining the Forum as a registered member is free, and there are some great exclusives available for Forum Members only.

We look forward to another exciting year ahead and hope you can join us for some fun, great conversation, and loads more as well.

All the best!

From Ruthy and the Admin/Moderation team of Torchwood Australia.


We’ve been revamping!!! :)

Make sure you visit the Forum and check out the changes.

We have the new category of “Myfanwy’s Media Lounge” >>>

We’re ready for the New Doctor to touch down in the TARDIS in the episode “Deep Breath” >>>

And for TA Forum Members, there is a Comp opening soon celebrating the 12th Doctor >>>

So if you haven’t visited of late, come on over and check out everything.

DW World Tour Press Conference – Sydney

Hello Everyone,

Well we had a very exciting week last week, as TA Admin were invited by BBC Worldwide, to attend the press conference in Sydney.

You can find the full report over here >>>

If you are not a Forum member, you won’t actually be able to view any links or embedded images.

But, I will share here the Flickr album where I have uploaded all the pics I took -

I hope you enjoy what we have shared….

Want to read a magnificent interview???

We are happy to announce that we’ve just uploaded a wonderful interview with Maxine Evans.

This is an exceptional read, and if you want to know much more about the lovely lady, head over to the link below.

(just a wee reminder that ONLY Torchwood Australia Registered Forum Members can access the exclusive interview section of the Forum)
We send a massively HUGE thank you to Maxine for joining Torchwood Australia for this interview – your participation is totally appreciated! You’re a cockin’ brilliant woman! Thank you!

Photo provided by Maxine Evans

Anniversary and more…

Hey Everyone,

In relation to our 7th Anniversary, everything is up and ready for you to have a look at….

Competitions are all open now and you will find them all here -

There are four comps for you to have a go at.

Irish has prepped the writing challenge and I have uploaded it for her here…

And there is a nominated ep of the month for our anniversary too –

Please scroll to the most recent post by me, to find the current info re the ep of the month.

Hope you have some time over the next week or so, to join in and celebrate our 7th anniversary!

We are yet to upload our new TV/Movies section on the boards, but it will be coming soon….sorry for the delay.

We all had an amazing time with Team Barrowman at Supanova Sydney….we have loads to tell and fantastic pics to share also.

Hope to see you around the Forum at some stage.

Best, Ruthy.

Celebrations and more …

Hello friends,

Well our 7th anniversary is approaching fast, this Sunday in fact :)

Due to a number of us being in Sydney for Supanova next weekend, we are only STARTING our anniversary events from Monday 16 June, and they will be finishing on Sunday 22 June.

Included in our celebrations will be a number of competitions for you to participate in, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

So make sure you come online to the forum for the anniversary events.

We are also endeavouring to upload our changes to the forum in coming days, which are predominantly related to our new section for a variety of TV Shows/Movies, and we hope you will check those out once they go live.

If you see Caroline and I at Supanova Sydney, please come and say hi….obviously the main attraction for us is John Barrowman, but of course there are heaps of things on over the weekend, plus catching up with good friends as well.

See you all for anniversary week guys.


TW Miracle Day Convention – May 2015 / UK

Starfury Conventions recently held its Torchwood Miracle Day Convention in Birmingham UK, which from what we’ve heard was a fun event for all concerned.

They have announced the next MD Convention, which is scheduled for May 2015.

More information can be found here >>>

Guest announcements to follow.

This time the Convention will be held at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow.

If you would like a taste of what their conventions are like, check out their youtube highlight vid of MD here >>>

Torchwood Australia – Newsletter of updates

Hello folks,

Well here is a newsletter of what is coming up for TW Australia, and some other information that may interest you.

We have just completed our Easter Comp and announced our winner, being irishangel. Thank you to those who took the time to enter and better luck next time. Irish walked away with a TARDIS keyring + an Amazon gift voucher.

We will be rehashing the forum very soon, to incorporate our new TV/Movie section of individual programme boards, like for -
Star Trek
Star Wars
Downton Abbey
Marvel Universe (Thor/Iron Man etc)

To name just a few; there will be 10 new boards making up this section, and we are looking forward to some lively discussion amongst our members. Please remember, we are more than just about Torchwood, more than just about Doctor Who, so we will let you know when this new section is ready for your use, and it may cover an area that has had your recent interest.

Our anniversary is only a few weeks away – this is our 7th anniversary. At this point I would like to add that I believe we are the ONLY formal long running Torchwood Forum now available online. Yes there are a number of Facebook groups and pages, but our Forum appears to be the only ‘proper’ forum left (unfortunately the biggest/longest running one, the UK TW Forum, seems to have disappeared off the web). I would add that we have more than double our Forum membership within our FB Group, and more than triple our Forum membership in Twitter followers. With that in mind, I would like to invite those who are not Forum registered members to come over and check it out

Our Forum offers MUCH more than you will ever find on a FB group or page. The resources and areas like our exclusive cast/crew interviews are truly a testament to the hard work and energy that the admin team and fellow members have put into the Forum over the last 7 years. Now that we seem to be IT in the world of online forums for Torchwood, we would REALLY like to be IT. So, if you aren’t a forum member, please consider joining up – it is free to join, and we endeavour to offer you so much, for a free forum membership. And to those of you who are members and haven’t stopped by lately, come on over. We would REALLY like to bring the Forum back to a healthy number of members, with a healthy amount of chat going on also. AND if you have any friends/family who are TW/DW fans, send them over to the forum to check us out as well.

Our anniversary celebrations always include loads of fun and stuff happening, including our competitions and prizes. We will be sending out advices about the anniversary, in the coming weeks.

We are currently running a fundraiser on the Forum too, in relation to one of John Barrowman’s charities. If you look at the most recent post (last one) on this thread, you will get all the info there –

PLEASE NOTE there is a lucky draw attached to the fundraiser re any members that donate to the fundraising page, so check out all those details – for each pound/GBP donated, you get one entry into the draw.

So, that’s about it. Hope you are all doing well in your various locales. Remember we are a worldwide forum, not just Australian based, and we welcome fellow fans to our little home.

All the best,